FAQ to Attend

When is the Sugar Mound Arts & Crafts Festival?

The Sugar Mound Arts & Crafts Festival held annually on the 2nd weekend of October. The next event will be held on OCTOBER 14 & 15, 2024

Where is the festival held?

The festival is held at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Mound City Ks. You can GPS  8476 Kansas Hwy 7 Mound City KS 66056  to get close to the event. Once you get into Mound City you'll see signs to help get you parked.

Is there an entry Fee?

No, the event is FREE to attend

What else will there be besides Arts & Crafts booths?


Local shops will be open during the festival so take some time to explore the sidewalks of Main Street too!

Is it Pet Friendly?

NO!! Please leave any and all animals home!! Matter how big or small. The streets can get crowded and your dog may become uncomfortable. Some visitors are intimidated by dogs so be considerate of how your dog might be perceived by others. We want everyone to have a good experience at the event.

Is the event HC accessible?

Yes. The event is held at the Linn County Fair Grounds.  HC parking is available at the event.  Spaces are limited. TIP: Your chances are better on Sundays or late in the day. You can try finding a spot around noon but don’t make me tell you “I warned you.” The festival is heavily attended during mid afternoon.

Do you have wheelchair/stroller rentals?

No, rentals are not available at the event.

Is there an ATM?

No ATM's are available at the event. There are several locations around town that provide ATM's. 

Parking lots

There is limited parking at the event but free public parking can be found

Jayhawk-Linn High School (14675 KS Hwy 52, Mound City)

Mound City Grade School (531 W. Locust St., Mound City)


Bus Parking

School Buses have a dedicated route to drop off/pick up guests.  Click HERE to get the bus route map.